Importance Of Conducting Background Checks Before Hiring

The hiring process is an important part of any company, but unfortunately not many employers remember to do background checks on the job applicants. The checks are very critical considering that there are people who misrepresent their credential and background and this could end up putting your company at risk. The last thing you want to do is hire an applicant who is not even qualified for the job or one who has a past experience or personality trait that could cost you later.

There are so many types of background checks that can be used to screen potential employees. These checks can either be the general checks that include personal references, employment and any other screening that could be necessary or they could be checks that are permitted by law for certain positions. Some of the commonly done checks on applicants include checks on educational records, driving records, criminal records and credit reports. It really will depend on the job at hand and what the employer feels is necessary to check. Every employer should consider having the background checks done for a number of reasons.

1. To verify qualifications for employment. In a world where anything is possible, you really can’t trust everything presented to you by applicants in resumes. A background check can help you determine whether the information provided by applicants you find fit is accurate and actually true. A check will actually make it possible for you to know your potential employee beyond what is presented in the paper. You can easily find out their habits and personal characteristics that make the suitable or not suitable for the job.

2. To protect the company. The integrity of any company largely relies on the employees and the image they create for it. Some applicants may not be very suitable in improving your company image probably because of their history. You also must think about the safety of other employees with caution needing to be taken for applicants who have criminal records, those that abuse substances or those that are not stable mentally. Some of these details can only be unveiled using background check and for the sake of your company’s image and safety, you should consider having them done before going ahead with hiring new or a new employee.

3. To avoid lawsuits. They do not always cross the minds of employers, but they are very possible. If the applicant you are about to hire will have contact with the rest of your employee and customers and they end up turning violent or hurting them in the process, then you might end up dealing with negligent hiring claims. The company becomes legally liable for negligent hiring when you fail to uncover incompetence and unfitness of the applicants using general background, criminal records and checking references.

These are some of the top reasons why it is important for employers to conduct background checks on potential employees. As an employer, you do not have to do all the work because these services are now offered by a number of professional background firms.