5 Steps to Good Employee Reviews

Spa employee reviews can be tense and dreaded but they don’t have to be! Every spa business should hold employee reviews annually around the date of when the employee began. There are many different reasons to perform employee reviews and they are beneficial to both the spa employee and the spa owner/spa manager.

A good employee review will accomplish the following:

Legal protection

Improvement in quality of work

Goal setting

Discussion of advancement opportunities

Increased job satisfaction

Eliminate the stress of a spa employee review by following these five simple steps:

1. Be Consistent

It’s vital to keep spa employee reviews consistent. You want to set the pace and build expectation within the business. Communicate clearly when and where the review will take place every year. Set the appointment at least ten days in advance and makes sure you give your employee plenty of time to prepare. Keep in mind that whether you’re conducting a review with a spa manager or spa front desk worker, the reviews should be handled the same. Pick a place to hold the spa employee review that’s private and where there will be no interruptions.

2. Prepare Yourself & Your Spa Employee

Preparation is key to avoiding a stressful spa employee review. As the spa manager or spa owner, it’s your responsibility to prepare yourself and your employee. Provide your employee with a blank copy of the performance appraisal sheet in advance so that they’re aware of the meeting agenda. If you’re choosing to have your spa employee perform a self-evaluation, make sure you give it to them in plenty of time to complete it.

Prepare yourself by gathering any important information and documentation you’ll need to review with your employee. These items may include goals set from a previous meeting, feedback from coworkers and spa guests, work roles and procedures, accident reports, attendance records, and any disciplinary notes.

It’s assumed that you already have a performance appraisal sheet you’ll be working off of, but if you haven’t developed one yet, make sure you take the time to do so, or find one online. Be sure to use the same form for every employee.

3. Address Performance Results & Behaviors In Relation to Objectives

During the review, you want to make sure you’re addressing the employee’s performance results and behaviors in relation to the objectives you’ve placed before them. Evaluate the job performance and not the individual. As you bring up each problem or area that needs to be addressed, allow the employee to discuss it with you. Engage the spa employee and work towards solutions that are right for them. Don’t move onto another area until each one is resolved.

It may be easy to evaluate the employee on a personal level. Avoid doing this by refocusing on the performance results and behaviors.

In 10 Steps to An Effective Performance Review, Business Management Daily outlines some easy steps for addressing problems.

Describe the performance problem.

Reinforce performance standards.

Develop a plan for improvement.

Offer your help.

Alternate negative and positive comments.

Emphasize potential.

4. Set Goals

Setting goals with your employee is vital. You will need to confidently set objectives for the next performance period. This is a good time to invite the employee to discuss work/life balance and also to set goals for themselves. Don’t assume that your employee will be onboard about any goal you set. Bounce ideas back and forth and set measurable, realistic objectives with them. Along with goals, additional trainings and professional spa development can also be discussed or proposed at this time. Write down all of your goals for the spa employee so you can revisit them in the next review.

5. Summarize

Before ending the review, you will want to summarize what you discussed and make sure you’re on the same page. Ask the employee if they have any questions and encourage them. Ending on a positive note will help set the tone for future employee reviews and will leave you both feeling good about the meeting. At the end of the review, have the employee sign the performance appraisal sheet or a sheet with clear goals on it and give them a hard copy to keep