dsGreat employees are meant for great companies.

Every company you make your way towards, you’ll hear bosses complaining of how their employees left them helpless because of quitting the workplace.

Employee turnover is a sad dilemma, and leaves the company in a huge fix for a long time. Most of the time, the good employees opt to make an exit from the workplace primarily because of the bad management. Employers many a times tend to make their employee’s life incredibly difficult.

Based on common grounds, here are the top reasons why some great employees make an exit from the company.

1. Not Respected

Your job might be amazing in terms of money. However, if you don’t get the respect you deserve, you wouldn’t be able to continue for long. This is one of the worst management practices that make great employees to quit a bit too soon.

Treating employees like a doormat and not giving them the respect they deserve is one of the worst things you could do as a management. At the end, it’s no surprise that the employee will have to eventually quit.

2. Hiring the Wrong

daOne of your employees is moving out of the state, and you are faced with the daunting task of replacing him. You shutter at the idea of having to find a candidate who is as qualified and professional as the employee you’re losing. Where do you start? The first step in finding quality candidates is writing an attractive job description; job descriptions are critical in creating a quality candidate-pool because you (and your company) never get a second chance to make a first impression. Here are a few key clinical trial staffing tips that transform a generic and boring job description into an opportunity that potential candidates will get excited about:

Job Title, Role Within the Organization, and working relationships. This includes not only the official name of the position you’re looking to fill, but also the department within the company that this job is associated with. This is also the area of the job description where you will explain how the position ties into the overall goals of the company, as well as who the candidate will be working with. Example: As Venue Relations

As an employer, employee productivity is what matters most to you. Without this, your company operations and growth would be paralyzed and this is every business’s nightmare. Your staff is the most important people because they can make or break your company. Wise employers know how to keep their employees happy so they are able to give their best and have no reason to leave the company for a better one. Holiday leaves are some of the most important when it comes to keeping your staff happy and this is why.

They enhance productivity. Working all through can lead to burnout and this translates into low productivity. When you offer annual leave to your employees, you give them a chance to refocus and relax their minds and they will be able to give out more when they return to their duties.

They reduce employee absenteeism. If you do not allow any time for them to take care of their personal issues, employees will always find a way to create that time and this means you would have to deal with plenty of absenteeism. But when you carefully allocate holiday leave to them, you allow them to have schedules in place so they

When a career demands perfect recruitment with all the basic checklists like location, designation, salary package, office timing to be considered, it’s time to contact Executive Search Consultants. So, if you have decided on taking the next step, you can follow the simple steps below to make the best use of HR Recruitment Firms:

1. Be Known

If you are an ambitious C- Level Executive who wants to make it big in a branded industry and dream of getting interviewed by famous news channels then first you have to get yourself spotted! Speaking at seminars, conferences and international meetings, publishing your own articles, or been quoted by columnists will increase your visibility.

2. Be enthusiastic to engage!

The more you achieve something in the corporate world, the more you will be recognized by Recruitment Firms. Updating your LinkedIn or other social media accounts will help you send notifications to appropriate people in your social network that will further let you engage with a professional HR team. Recommendations matter a lot when it comes to personal branding. Also, social networking sites allow you to showcase your skills & expertise.

3. Find your core skills:

Do you fit into the role that HR Consultants advertise about? Carefully scroll

In today’s highly competitive, global market place, how do companies attract, motivate, and retain highly qualified employees?

The Employee Value Proposition (EVP) identifies drivers of attraction and commitment in the global marketplace. It is a measurement of the balance between what an employee receives from their employer in return for their performance on the job. In other words, it is the “get” versus the “give.”

It we were to express the EVP formula for success as a mathematical formula it might look something like this:

Tangible Rewards (compensation and benefits) + Opportunity (developmental experiences) + Characteristics of the Organization (size, stability and market position) + People (characteristics and quality of staff and managers) = degree of attraction (recruitment) and duration of commitment (retention)

Of course this is a difficult equation to solve, primarily because the variables are measured in different units and there is no readily available conversion formula. Size of the organization is measurable and so is market position. But how do you convert the units to add them together? People are not numbers. What is important is the concepts and understanding their relative importance to your current and prospective employees.

There are seven universal attributes of the EVP. Not all are easy

The hiring process is an important part of any company, but unfortunately not many employers remember to do background checks on the job applicants. The checks are very critical considering that there are people who misrepresent their credential and background and this could end up putting your company at risk. The last thing you want to do is hire an applicant who is not even qualified for the job or one who has a past experience or personality trait that could cost you later.

There are so many types of background checks that can be used to screen potential employees. These checks can either be the general checks that include personal references, employment and any other screening that could be necessary or they could be checks that are permitted by law for certain positions. Some of the commonly done checks on applicants include checks on educational records, driving records, criminal records and credit reports. It really will depend on the job at hand and what the employer feels is necessary to check. Every employer should consider having the background checks done for a number of reasons.

1. To verify qualifications for employment. In a world where anything is possible, you really can’t

The new age corporate world demands the best of the employees with frequent pressure and stressful situations arising that can affect the professional as well as personal lives. It is of course a kind of mandatory for the employees to make sure that they have the necessary skills to cope up with those kind of situations. There are some pre-requisite skills to master for the aspiring individuals who are about to enter the corporate world or the employees who want to reach the top in their organization. And we are talking about skills that can be achieved without proper training or ideal guidance. If you are hoping to make a name for yourself, then you definitely need to undergo corporate training.

Corporate trainings are basically meant to convert an individual into a professional. They aim to make an employee tough to face any kind of pressure situations, cope up with unusual stress, efficient to enhance work productivity, manage the limited time at hand to get best out of it, ability to manage and effectively train the team under him or her, convey ideas and thoughts seamlessly through exceptional communication, set unique targets and goals, both long term and short term, and

When corporations in America are completely finished with the necessary pruning to cut expenses and reduce spending on processes they can live without, if things don’t improve, they will often pick up the budget ax and start cutting things down. When this happens, most often training is the first tree to fall in the forest, and many times it is long over due.

The truth be told, every department and function within a company should be able to demonstrate a return on the investment the company makes in their purpose annually. When a CEO evaluates the training budget and looks at the total cost that is allocated to salaries, benefits, facilities and training materials that total dollar figure should not be written off as an expense. At the very least it should be a wash with the return, and at the very most it should turn a profit. Sadly, small and most mid-size training organizations never justify any money allocated to the training function, and they are shocked when training is cut to reduce expenses.

After 25+ years in the learning function, I get a lot of flack for being so blunt when it comes to the training function proving their worth.

For most of us running the HR function today, it is not the same world when we entered the workforce. In fact we are dealing with recruitment, training and retention issues that have never presented themselves in prior generations. With no personal experience to draw from, we have to find out what motivates today’s entry level employee and what it would take them to consider a career in banking.

While we have always been a safe haven for the college student to work part-time while getting a degree in their chosen profession, we could easily be developing all of our younger staff for life-time careers in banking. And while it is a good thing to know what motivates each individual, it is more important that the bank recognizes that many young people want careers and not just a job.

Yet let’s begin with a simple benefit of working in banking that even for the job only seeker is attractive over other part-time jobs. Banking is not a seasonal job, and when it comes to scheduling hours can be a very stable environment. Most retail and service jobs that attract the younger worker have revolving doors because they don’t consistently schedule all of

India is set to employ and retain more than 4 lakh people in the computer engineering and automobile industry in 2016. The age old notion of expecting in-house HR executives to recruit good candidates is no more feasible in the current job scenario. Irrespective of the size of business, companies are looking for 10 necessary qualities in outsourcing team that work for the long haul.

1. Companies hire HR Consultants due to their expertise:

As simple and logical it may sound, HR executives are the fueling force behind every spark in an organization. As a consultant, you know you are hiring for the kind of value you put into the whole hiring process. If you are an expert fundraiser and a growing startup wants to hire you, chances are that you bag the job for your quick fundraising skills.

2. Identifying where the issue lies:

There are many reasons why HR professionals are outsourced for talent management and out of those reasons, one is to identify why employees are not able to perform well and what kind of communication barriers play a role in their shortcomings.

3. For Manpower shortage & Leave administration, Best HR Consulting is required:

Full-time employees are under constant pressure of providing

Spa employee reviews can be tense and dreaded but they don’t have to be! Every spa business should hold employee reviews annually around the date of when the employee began. There are many different reasons to perform employee reviews and they are beneficial to both the spa employee and the spa owner/spa manager.

A good employee review will accomplish the following:

Legal protection

Improvement in quality of work

Goal setting

Discussion of advancement opportunities

Increased job satisfaction

Eliminate the stress of a spa employee review by following these five simple steps:

1. Be Consistent

It’s vital to keep spa employee reviews consistent. You want to set the pace and build expectation within the business. Communicate clearly when and where the review will take place every year. Set the appointment at least ten days in advance and makes sure you give your employee plenty of time to prepare. Keep in mind that whether you’re conducting a review with a spa manager or spa front desk worker, the reviews should be handled the same. Pick a place to hold the spa employee review that’s private and where there will be no interruptions.

2. Prepare Yourself & Your Spa Employee

Preparation is key to avoiding a stressful spa employee review. As the spa manager

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article are solely mine and not those of my employer or anyone else; nor are they intended as professional HR counseling upon which readers should rely.

“The only thing that is constant is change.” Heraclitus

We live in a fast-paced, dynamic and constantly changing environment (political, economic, social and technological) and businesses today need to be more agile than ever before. They need to be responsive, adaptable, flexible and constantly evolving to the needs and demands of their clients. Cultural change is often an essential prerequisite for successful implementation of any change program.

First, let’s come to a common understanding of corporate culture. The term has been bandied about for decades. The basic definition of corporate culture is the collective way that an organization operates: ‘how we do things around here’. However, the concept is fairly complex. Usually, a culture has developed over time and can be one of the most difficult challenges for leaders to address and change, especially in government agencies and departments.

As the Chief Human Resource Officer for a large cabinet level agency, I found that driving culture change was extremely difficult. One reason for the difficulty is while the leaders of the

Winning the respect, trust and confidence of line managers and making a difference

Ask many line managers what they think of HR managers and you will get a variety of views from the positive to the most damning.

Examples are:

“Excellent. Very professional.”

“Very responsive, supportive and helpful”

“Great if I can ever get hold of them”

“Talk their own language. Not really in touch with the needs of the business. A bit flakey”

“You mean the dead hand of HR!”

As the issue of effective HR management has grown in importance over the years so has the need for HR managers to be both responsive and proactive in meeting the needs of their developing organisations.

Clearly it’s important that an organisation’s employees are paid on time, they are able to access the benefits they are entitled to and can receive straightforward help and advice from HR when needed.

This operational piece of the HR management responsibility needs to be reliable and responsive in every respect. Getting the basics right is all important.

So is partnering with line managers in recruitment activities, performance management processes, training and personal development provision. These are all very necessary, core elements of the HR function’s role. Organisation’s have every right

Whether you are an individual employee, contractor, department or a stock owned company at some point you need to answer the question – How Much Are You Worth? The challenge isn’t necessarily to get the number correct, as it is to living up to the expectations.

Someone that is applying for a job usually will need to negotiate their salary at some point unless it is a fixed entry level position. Knowing what the market rate is and how qualified for the position the employee is determines a wide range to negotiate within. In some cases the proposal process for a contractor is very similar except the budget is a bigger part of how the proposal is formed.

Departments and companies are assessing their worth on how well they meet goals and reach their potential. Companies will often close departments that don’t perform up to expectations just like stock holders will sell their stock in companies that fail to meet earnings potential.

Some Human Resources and Training functions like to skate along believing that their role is so vital and indispensable that no matter how well or poorly they perform their world will remain untouched. And while many agree that their roles are

Employee absenteeism is one of the challenges that most companies face and unfortunately if it keeps happening, it can be costly for your business. The last thing you want is to have several employees absent at the same time and on a regular basis because this means that everyday productivity of the company will be affected greatly. But sometimes, absenteeism is something that you can deal with and eliminate without being harsh on your employees. Here are a few tips that can help you deal with the headache that is employee absenteeism.

1. Keep your communication lines open

It can be hard for many people to do, but it is something that can go a long way in solving your absenteeism issues with ease. When you are approachable then it becomes easy for the employees to let you know of any issues they might be facing in the workplace that might be affecting their motivation to come to work. The more you improve in such areas the happier the employees will be and less the issues of absent days.

2. Educate your managers

The front-line managers deal with the employees directly and they should be a position to identify instances where the employees are

Every man dreams of a perfect fitting business suit, something that they have seen in the Wall Street. But, the majority of the male fraternity is least interested in fashion and dressing. For them, a crushed dirty shirt, a pair of rugged jeans and barely thriving sleepers is more than enough to strike a pose for the external world. But, in the parties and at office meeting you cannot carry your bohemian look and hence, you need help from men’s tailor. They will be able to provide solutions to your fashion distress.

Significance of hiring tailors

You must be thinking that numerous polished brands are available out there in the retail market, displaying some exclusive suit collection then there is no point of taking the pain of finding a suit specialist. Now the answer here is simple, the ready-made suit, though claim bespoke fittings, in the end, we all are different and have customized vital statistics. So what fits for your friend having the same height as yours, may not suit you at all. Moreover, if your suit does not fit you well, then that will embarrass you among the polished crowd. To avoid such circumstances opt for a specialist.

What does he

You probably knew about enrolment firms. Be that as it may, you not have the idea about the actual work procedure of these institutions. Needless to say, these firms are associations that have a summary of work openings and a database of people who are searching for an occupation. They facilitate their database of work seekers with opportunities as and when they arise.

Hiring the right staff is imperative

It is all around acknowledged that having the right staff in an association is the way to hierarchical achievement. Unless you can settle on shrewd staffing choices, it is impossible that you would have the capacity to select human assets that give your association an edge over the competitors. The staffs which you are hiring ought to be of high gauge, has the right state of mind and have the capacity to fit in with your association’s unique culture. Just when every one of these aspects is considered in enrolment choices, will the right decision be made. What it comes down to this, enlistment itself is a particular undertaking which is best-taken care of by somebody with legitimate HR administration experience and training.

The fundamental point of these agencies is to distinguish, find and

Prior to the Affordable Care Act (ACA), wellness plans became popular with many businesses because of their ability to reduce medical claims and healthcare costs. This was accomplished by their emphasis on healthy lifestyles and preventive care. These cost reductions were the primary incentive for business owners.

Enter the ACA. New guidelines now add additional incentives for employers to implement a wellness plan. Two types of wellness plans are outlined, health contingent and participatory. A compliant wellness plan in either of these two categories can now be treated for tax purposes on par with a group health plan. This opens the door for compliant wellness plans to be included in a Section 125 “Cafeteria Plan”, which means the value of the plan can be treated as a pre-tax deduction from employee wages / salaries. Better yet, a high percentage of that amount is eligible as a “health related / medical expense” which can be an after tax reimbursement using Section 105.

The result of these accounting shifts is that the employees’ reportable income is reduced while their take-home pay does not decline. This causes a reduction in FICA and withholding amounts for each participating employee. This also creates a reduction in company